How to Get Rid of Cooking Smells?

Cooking is the daily activity which is conducted in a kitchen. Whether, a family has all working members or a few members who stay at home; cooking is a task that is done at least once a day in any house. Even if the food is brought in from outside, as in, it is a frozen meal it will lead to some sort of smell in the kitchen.

While the cooking is being done the aroma or fragrance brings out the flavor of the food and acts as an appetizer. However, after it is over and the kitchen is cleaned; the lingering aroma can be nauseating and leave a stale smell in the kitchen and the rest of the house.

It is a known fact that the stale smell of food in the room can be a disturbing factor even during sleep. So, now the question arises as to how to get rid of cooking smells in the house to avoid them lingering on after the cooking and eating period is over.

  • The easiest way is to make sure that the kitchen is well equipped with exhaust fans and a chimney. Use it while cooking and leave the exhaust on after the cooking is complete. Ventilate the rooms where the smell spreads after the cooking and cleaning process in the kitchen is over.
  • Leave some coffee grounds or charcoal in the room where there is cooking smell. Doing this overnight will kill the smell.
  • A bowl of ammonia left in the room will kill any kind of smell from the room.
  • Boiling a lot of vinegar in water will kill the smells in the kitchen. This should be done for at least ten minutes.
  • If the smell is too strong and is an old smell in the kitchen left by previous owners, repainting the kitchen with a new layer of paint will kill the smell.
  • Cloves and cinnamon in water and boiled in the kitchen for a while will kill the odor. It is better than boiling vinegar since vinegar leaves its own smell which is not bearable in the kitchen.
  • Baking soda left in an open container absorbs the cooking odor of the kitchen or room.
  • Sometimes getting rid of the carpets, curtains and draperies is a good way to get rid of the cooking smells especially if it is curry smell!
  • Cooking something aromatic also changes the smell of the house. Basically, new cooking kills the smell of stale cooking.
  • Also, boiling a pot of water filled with orange peels kills the smell.
  • Incense sticks burnt for some time or lighting up of aroma candles can reduce the cooking smells. However, incense sticks should not be lit for too long due to the smoke they generate.
  • Some of the room sprays are effective to reduce the smell of food in the house. However, caution should be taken while using these in kitchen due to their volatile nature.